4th European Union Cup and Electoral Congress in Rome 2017

The IV European Union Cup and Electoral Congress were held in the capital of Italy, Rome from 14th to 17th December 2017.

Countries from Malta, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Spain and the host country Italy participated in this popular competition for youngsters, with those eligible are under 15, under 17 and juniors both for boys and girls.

The electoral congress that was organized on Saturday 16th. Jesmond Caruana (MLT) was elected as President while Giuseppe Minissale (ITA) elected General Secretary and Treasurer.  Jaksa Ivansevic (CRO) Vice President.

The executive committees elected members were Tina Beiter (DEN), Andreas Degwerth (AUT) and Damjan Canzek (SLO). In the Technical Committee the elected members were Markus Koch (AUT) and Patrik Helgesson (SWE).

The competition started with the Under 15 boys with Sergio Massidda (ITA) placing 1st with 310 points followed by Igor Osuch (POL) with 287 points and Korino Prijic (CRO) 286 points. Following the group the under 15 girls with Giulia Miserendino (ITA) taking the lead with 222 points follower by Monika Marach (POL) with 218 points and Victoria Steiner (AUT) 195 points.

In the under 17 boys Bartolomiej Adamus (POL)  placing 1st with 383 points, tight finish with Cristiano Ficco (ITA) placing 2nd with 380 points followed by Erik Griellenberger (AUT) with 321 points. Following the group the under 17 girls with Sara Fischer placing 1st with 238 points, followed by Paulina Rutkowska (POL) with 228 points and Andrea Garrido (ESP) with 209 points.

Last groups of the day were for juniors, in men’s group Jakub Wegrzyn (POL) placing in first with 352 points tight finish with Tomas Sanchis (ESP) placing 2nd with 350 points, followed by Fabio Arcara (ITA) with 338 points. Following the group the women juniors. With Alessandra Pagliaro (ITA) place 1st with 250 points, followed by Susana Davila (ESP) with 229 points and Paulina Kudlaszyk (POL) 216 points.


1 ITALY         1702,911

2 POLAND   1684,059

3 AUSTRIA   1514,134

4 SPAIN         1491,233

5 CROATIA   1326,539

6 GREECE     234,610

7 MALTA       161,774

During the Competition two technical officials set for category 1 examination, Angelo Dalla Silvestra (ITA) and Michura Jerzy (POL) both were successful.